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Energy Saving light bulbs – the facts
Our range of General Purpose Lamps and Bulbs includes incandescent lamps, GLS lamps, Reflector lamps, Candle lamps, Golfball lamps … [Read More...]

Szfangle Solution
Tempool and Fangle partnership on Street Parking Solution. Play the video clip icon. ...[Read More...]

Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program
DFN is committed to empowering talented youth with genuine cause in programs, business innovations
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Water meter system

Water meter system consists of:
• Water meter, IC card and wireless
• Intermediate
• Concentrator (GPRS modem)
• Computer
• Card reader/writer
• Computer online with card reader/writer to be put in bank, house center, shopping center, bus station for convenience to re-charge (more…)


The candle series of energy saving lamp is equipped with a diffusely scattering glass candle cover. It looks more attractive and is suitable for all living rooms, especially where decoration lighting is needed.
The performance is same with the standard energy saving lamp.