The 2U series of energy saving lamp consist of high performance electronic ballast and a 2U shaped trichromatic fluorescent lamp. The whole unit is compact and simple in construction and highly effective in light emitting, with soft light, excellent chromaticness and low heat-emission. Moreover, it can be instantly started even at a comparatively low temperature or voltage.

Model: YB-1 (2U Black Compact Fluorescent Bulb )

Supply Voltage:
Color Temperature:
2700K or 6400K or Black
Base Type:
E27, B22, E14
Tube Color :
Purple & White

Bulbs and Energy Saving Lights

General description
Products Range: A full range of energy saving lamps
Voltage: 100-130V. 200-240V. (50-60Hz)
Tube: U shape. H shape. Spiral shape
Base: B22. E27. E26. B15. E14.
Average life: 3000-8000hrs (3 hours per start)
Power factor: High power factor and standard power factor
Color temp.2700K. 6400K
Quality: Products meet the requirements of CE and EMC

High luminous efficacy and comfortable lighting.
Excellent color rendering.
Excellent and symmetrical luminous intensity distribution.
Low power consumption-up to 80% energy saving compared to standard incandescent.
Instant flicker-free starting and operation.
Compact size.
Light weight.
Universal burning position.
Reliable starting down to -10 centigrade degree.
For direct replacement of GLS lamps.

Suitable for all living rooms. Especially where continuous economical lighting is needed.

office. Hospital. Shop. Factory. hotel. motel. Conference hall. School.Foyer. Restaurant. Corridor. Surgery. Exhibition room and so on